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Fertilization Humboldt IA

Your body needs a list of essential nutrients and vitamins in order to both survive and maintain health. If you are deficient in one or more of these needed compounds, you are at higher risk for disease, as your immune system will not be operating at its optimal level. The same is just as true for your grass. In the surrounding area of Humboldt, if you drive through a neighborhood, or an area in town, you can tell when a yard is receiving the lawn services of Lawn Ranger. Along with our elite lawn mowing service, this process of feeding your lawn the right stuff at the right time is perhaps an even more critical component of lawn care. And there is no better business around the vicinity to turn to in order to get the most verdant and thick lawn imaginable. There are a few factors that go in to our having the best lawn fertilizer program available in the surrounding region. It should be obvious to anyone that you cannot have the healthiest lawn if you do not have the healthiest food available. At Lawn Ranger, our ownership and team is constantly looking and researching new lawn fertilizer products in order to stay on top of the horticultural advancements that will result in continually beautiful and vigorous grass. Our lawn care company always utilizes slow release fertilizer. Just like you need vitamin replenishment daily in order to maintain optimal health, your grass will fare much better if it receives a steady and continuous supply of nutrients. A quick release of all the nutrients at once will not result in the best absorption, and will leave your grass more susceptible to being burned as a consequence of too high of a concentration in too short of a time. Slow release fertilizers also encourage more uniform grass growth. While some lawn services will tout quick release fertilizers, our methods are time tested, and the results have spoken for themselves. We also generally do not use liquid fertilizer, opting almost exclusively for the dry and pelletized brands in their stead. By design, slow release dry fertilizer will yield its contents more gradually than their liquid counterparts. They last longer and therefore do not have to be applied as often. Additionally, they tend to be cheaper in bulk, lowering the cost of our lawn services. And we have found over the course of our operations that we get better results with them. Using the right lawn fertilizer at the right point in the year also is very important. Your lawn's needs for different nutrients will change with the weather, as different enemies are active at different times. This is where fertilization plays an important part in weed control. We have both synthetic and organic lawn fertilizers available, and we know when to apply each. Our thoroughly trained staff can determine which is best for your lawn. The responses of the two basic types will depend highly on the type of soil that you have below your lawn. Each has benefits and disadvantages, and our inspection of your lawn and dirt will be able to determine which type will give your grass the ideal result. If you like what you have read, and are thinking about moving forward with us, we'd truly love to hear from you. You can either call our office, or email us through our contact page to request an estimate or free consultation. Serving the Humboldt area for three decades, we look forward to meeting you and beautifying your lawn.

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