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Lawn Care Fort Dodge IA | Lawn Fertilizer | Lawn Services

Lawn Ranger was established in 1986 in the area of Fort Dodge. Since the opening of our doors, we have become one of the preeminent lawn care companies in the area. Through our outstanding work and absolute determination to meet our customers' needs, our clientele has grown substantially over the past three decades. We are a full service lawn care company. Our founder got his start in the industry by working in weed control in the agricultural area of the field. After developing the skill, it was a smooth transition from agriculture to lawn care. One thing he found preferable in this industry is the amount of personal interaction he gets to have with his customers. As Lawn Ranger began servicing people in the residential areas of town, word of mouth began to spread in the community about our great service. That caught the attention of not just more homeowners, but business owners as well. Soon after, we expanded our business to also service commercial lawns in the vicinity. And within the last few years, our commercial base has drastically expanded. One of the reasons being that our staff and equipment is more fit to handle commercial properties than our competition. One of our key areas, as in any lawn services business, is our mowing and lawn maintenance. While we are sure most people can cut their grass with a decent degree of adequacy, they will clearly see the difference in appearance if they should call on us to have it professionally done. After we are done, your lawn will cast a foreground of striking beauty for your landscape and property. A great lawn mowing service alone only goes so far in maintaining a healthy lawn. Grass can unfortunately be attacked by pests. Sometimes it can also be stressed by exceptionally dry or hot weather. Soil can become compacted over time . The result can be thin or browned out sections of your lawn. Lawn Ranger's aeration and overseeding service is sure to remedy those issues. We also feed your lawn with the best lawn fertilizer brands available, in order to keep your grass strong and resistant to any weed or grub invasion. Mowing and proper lawn fertilizer still does not eliminate the flora that seek to displace your grass. Nobody around this area is as effective at weed control as our staff. Our company constantly looks for the new products that are not only the most effective, but environmentally friendly. That way, we can eliminate weeds while not harming the other surrounding life, including your family, pets, or employees. We also offer two additional services of shrub trimming, and cleanup of your autumn leaves. At Lawn Ranger, we know that having the best service around is not by itself enough to make you the best company. You also have to be approachable and accommodating to the schedules of your clients. While Lawn Ranger has officially set hours of operation, our owner often will come out to your home after hours if needed to address a concern of a client and suggest a solution, or to address any questions about the services that are rendered. If you are either a homeowner, or are a commercial business owner looking for a company to make your lawn look the best it possibly can, look no further than Lawn Ranger. Our lawn services for the past three decades have been unsurpassed in the Fort Dodge area, and we plan on keeping it that way. Call us or visit our contact page for more information today.

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